Wednesday, June 17, 2009

GA trip

SO, we got back from our trip to georgia on the 9th, it was a good time...a bit stressful at some points (i'm still amazed at how much stuff such a little person seems to need!) but all in all it was good and we are thankful to be back home safely!
We got to visit with our friends Aud and Ben, shout out to the cutest prego girl ever! and saw my dad as well as peter's family... I think one of my favorite things about being with peters family is seeing everett and his cousin hannah play together...i can't wait till they are talking and some day become buddies :)


awelborn said...

Everett is so cute!! Can't believe how big he's gotten!!! We'll have to make plans to see each other this summer! Miss you guys!

Michelle Swidrak said...

wow, he's getting so big! miss you guys so much!